The Kenyan Way

At Avopro, we consider ourselves to be more than just avocado oil processors.

We are a partner who is committed to delivering value to the farmer and the buyer through nurturing relationships that bring about growth to both parties. Through fair wages, ethical labor, and a robust quality management system, the quest for excellence drives our business and we ensure that it is ingrained in our culture.

The contractual arrangements we have with our producers enable us to monitor production at farm level, systematically harvest the avocados at the right maturity, and appropriately transport them to our purposebuilt factory. The producers in return get an assured market for their produce at a competitive price. Once the handpicked mature avocados are delivered to the factory, they are naturally ripened. The avocado oil is mechanically extracted from the ripened avocado fruits using the cold press method, which ensures we retain all the essential nutrients. We guarantee a completely chemical and additive free extraction process.

We couldn’t do it without them.

Our journey as a company would not have been possible were it not for our great partners, the avocado farmers. It is always our great joy when we see our partnership bringing significant change in the quality of lives of our avocado farming community.

Inspired by Sagana

Avopro is located in Sagana, Kirinyaga District, in Central Kenya. This is right in the heart of the highly fertile and productive agricultural zone of the Mt Kenya region. The volcanic soils in this expansive zone, coupled with good climate, offer conditions that are very conducive for agriculture.

Most of our avocados are farmed in this region. The presence of our company here, in the heart of the avocado growing zone of Sagana, provides a valuable source of employment for the community.

1568 +
Tons of Harvest
Hectares of Farm
Units of Technic

The best team, made up of the best people.

We have a highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals. Our team’s expertise is firmly grounded on cumulative experiences of more than 50 years in the avocado oil sector. We are very passionate about what we do. We are sticklers for integrity, team work, and are relentless in our pursuit for quality and customer satisfaction. With a team like ours, our esteemed customers can always count on us to deliver products that meet internationally set standards in terms of sourcing, processing and marketing.

As a company, we appreciate the critical role our partners play in the existence of our company. This motivates us to always want to achieve the best for our suppliers and buyers.

We aim to:

Create long-term shared value by engaging in socially, environmentally, and
economically responsible practices that benefit our stakeholders.

We strive to be:

A leading producer of safe, high-quality products that are handled by
qualified & motivated staff.

When you support us, you support our farmers.

Over 80% of our raw material is sourced from hundreds of contracted smallscale farmers, with the rest coming from large scale farmers and prequalified independent suppliers.

We offer technical advice to the contracted farmers; this helps them meet quality and food standards required for our markets. Our technical advice also helps the farmers achieve maximum production. We do not confine the technical advice to the crops of interest, we extend this to all the farm activities in a way that truly creates value for the farmer.

Our main aim in working with smallholders is to convert them from subsistence farming into a cash economy as a way of poverty eradication. We encourage youth and gender participation in our farmer programs.

High level quality, high level production.

In accordance to the EPZ Act of Kenya, we sell 20% of our avocado oil output locally. We export the remaining 80% to our clients in the international market. Our engagement with the market, both local and international, is firmly grounded on our dedication to quality delivery. At Avopro EPZ Ltd., we are cognizant of the very highquality standards the market expects of our products.

The quest for excellence drives our business and we ensure that this is ingrained in our culture.
To make sure our products live up to these expectations, we use avocado fruit that is of the best quality possible. In addition to this, we operate a highend processing line that runs on the latest technologies in the industry, and with a workforce that’s highly motivated and meticulously trained.
Our total quality management system makes it possible for us to confidently put out our products into the market. We have an internal quality control system that is benchmarked to FSSC 22000. This rigorous system enables us to comply with both local and international food safety standards.
The contractual arrangement we have with the farmers enables us to monitor production at farm level, systematically harvest the avocados at the right maturity and appropriately transport them to our purposebuilt factory.